Work Carpenters Estate

The Brief

A process-led project that focuses on the building and use of two temporary structures in Deptford – one static, one mobile – and their documentation / publication / distribution.

The project centres around a counter-mapping exercise of Deptford; an intervention into the physical landscape of the neighbourhood in a way which redefines, re-inscribes or rearticulates a dominant association between space and power, as chosen and developed by the students.

The project is divided into three parts and ultimately three groups.

  • Part 1 / Group 1 develops and builds a static temporary structure through addressing its context, construction and content
  • Part 2 / Group 2 develops and builds a mobile temporary structure through addressing its context, construction and content.
  • Part 3 / Group 3 completes the counter-mapping process by developing and contributing to the work of groups 1 and 2 through a dedicated website / publication; a public-facing transmission of the aims of the counter-mapping

During the development of the project we will work between our space in the basement of Deptford Town hall and Old Tidemill Primary School, on Frankham Street, just off Deptford high Street where we will be assisted in our work by Owen Hodgson of Assembly SE8 at Old Tidemill Primary School, Deptford school.

Work Carpenters Estate 1

Work Carpenters Estate 2

Work Carpenters Estate 3

Work Carpenters Estate 6

Work Carpenters Estate 7

Work Carpenters Estate 5

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