Lisette Alberti, Natalia Sawicka, Tadas Vinokur, Davide Monteleone, Kristen Force, Madison Lymer

Performance, event, installation

#bringbackpangea is a resistance collective, hoping to unite individuals who feel strongly about the importance of freedom of movement. In the months leading up to Brexit, we found ourselves, like many, feeling insecure and uncertain about the future. While we can’t begin to tackle the complexities of the current political turmoil, we thought we could provide an activist kit for all those who might feel similarly. As a group of EU Citizens and expats we are acutely aware of our own status in London at the present time, and understand that many others may be worrying about their status or future in the UK. While recognizing our own privileged status as ‘expats’ rather than ‘migrants’, we felt it is our responsibility to speak out during this politically turbulent time.

We have created stickers that showcase our collective’s logo and #bringbackpangea and our website. We have placed them strategically throughout London and abroad as we’ve travelled. Found on government buildings, public transport, and street signs, these visible emblems serve to create a sense of unity for those who may be worried at the present moment and wish for more freedom of movement. These stickers direct viewers to #bringbackpangea’s website which presents several songs whose composition is based on recordings of Article 13 from the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights concerning freedom of movement. We encourage you to engage with #bringbackpangea by taking and displaying the stickers, exploring the website, and joining the movement!